About Scent USA
Air Fresheners Since 1998

Since 1998, Scent USA has specialized in the production of Paper car Air Fresheners in fabulous Las Vegas, NV.


The company manufactured millions of promotional air fresheners every year for many major companies such as Disney, Shell Corporation, Nike, and various Candle Companies.

 Through all of it’s years of operation, Scent USA always paid close attention to the retail market. For years, almost every Auto Parts Store in the US was displaying and selling colorful choices of air freshener designs manufactured by two main players: MEDO Industries and producer of those pine trees air fresheners people used for years.

Seeing new opportunity, Scent USA decided to bring forth and more diverse line of air fresheners. We noticed that today customers represent variety of different demographics and a range different cultures and traditions. With this in mind, Scent USA has created a line of Auto Charms air fresheners, which are unique and destined to attract anyone and everyone.

The new line offers products which connect with the customer’s tradition, soul, and identity. With full production location in heart of Las Vegas, Scent USA is capable of manufacturing products efficiently with a speedy delivery.


We invite you to choose from over 200 different designs of Auto Charms air fresheners.

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