Custom Air Fresheners


Custom Air Fresheners manufactured to customer’s specification including custom scent air fresheners. Best low price air fresheners and fast production time for customized car air fresheners. We will match or beat prices of car air fresheners made overseas. (Quality for quality – price for price). Our Air fresheners are made in USA. Custom air fresheners, lowest price in USA. Min. Order for Customized, Custom Air Fresheners is 10.000 units. Water drop shape 10.000 units citrus scent as low as $0.20.  That is cheap!.
Due to current situation Scented Promotions do not accept any Car Wash Custom Orders with quantity less than 10,000 units. Using our current group of employees – smaller quantity orders do not fit our production structure, because require too many people in production and are not production friendly (safe).

Custom Air Fresheners


We produce custom air fresheners and wholesale vending car air fresheners. Our competitive lowest price for custom air fresheners made in USA with your car wash logo will advertise your services and drive more traffic to your locations. Wholesale vending air fresheners for car wash will also bring more profit to your business. Our company also offers custom scents for your custom air fresheners. Min. order required*. Also we offer the best price for customers buying air fresheners in bulk. If you are looking for best price air fresheners for vending machine or custom air fresheners, please call our office 702-307-2061 and ask for best price air fresheners. Our customer service department will help you with choice of custom air freshener shapes and also offer the best price for vending air fresheners. All our vending air fresheners are packed in clear poly bags.

Customized Air Freshener – 20.000 min. order with this shape and Tropical Citrus cent – price $0.29 / unit

Car Air Fresheners 

Custom Air Freshener sample – 20.000 min. order with this #1 rectangular shape Tropical Citrus scent – price $0.25 / unit

Custom Air Fresheners – 20.000 min. order with this #395 shape, Citrus Scent – price $0.29 / unit


Custom Air Fresheners American made are cheap low cost advertising air fresheners offered by Scent USA at the best price  Custom air fresheners known as branded air fresheners are made in America, Las Vegas Nevada. All our Car Air Fresheners are made using American raw materials, including custom scents made in USA used to manufacture personalized car air fresheners. American made car air fresheners are the best quality custom air fresheners always personalized per customer request to become Custom Car Air Freshener.

We beat all prices for custom air fresheners including product manufactured overseas “quality for quality – price for price”. Our best price custom air fresheners are priced very low on selected items. To meet this best air fresheners price, min order is required. Please call our office at 702-307-2061 and ask for best price air fresheners. 


DISCLAMER: Scented Promotions LLC / Scent USA has no affiliation with any designers nor manufacturers with our oil types. Scented Promotions LLC / Scent USA fragrances oils types consist of oil mixtures to smell similar but is not the original colognes or perfumes. It is only a perfume oil version of a trademarked scent. The original name  name(s) are trademarked and belong to the original manufacturer. The copyrights and trademarks do not belong to Scented Promotions LLC / Scent USA but to the manufacture(s) and /or designer(s). We do not claim that our oils are the originals, only to be compared. Scented Promotions LLC / Scent USA has no intention on misleading the customer into believing that our oils are original or to infringe on the manufacture(s) or designer(s) name. Our website is in complaints with the Federal Trade Commission’s statement of policy regarding comparative advertising.
DISCLOSURE: Please be aware that by placing the order with Scented Promotions LLC., every customer accepts this liability waver. I waive and release the Las Vegas Scented Promotions and its officials, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any and every liability of loss, including, but not limited to: Liability or loss for damages or personal injury or property damage related to any claim that may be filed concerning: Supplied artwork with mistakes, Supplied artwork with licenses, Supplied artwork with trademarks, on behalf of other customers, or for myself, either now or in the future, that results from or is connected in any way to the artwork which I am permitting the Las Vegas Scented Promotions LLC., to produce air fresheners. The waiver and release applies even if the liability or loss results or is connected with the active or passive negligence of Las Vegas Scented Promotions and/or their officials, officers, employees, agents or volunteers.